Bringing 2D to the physical world. 

Bryce Wong is a footwear designer at Nike working on the SB collection. He is also a prolific artist with large following on social media closing in on a 100k followers. His most common media is ink on paper and themes touch on pop culuture and nostalgic themes.

We have been big fans of his work for a while now and were tremendously honored when he asked us to create some pieces for his for his upcoming solo show. The premise would be for invited artists and studios to reinterpert popular themes from his work.

What attracted us first about Bryce was his series portraing ancient Roman and Greek heads. Each work features a different visual effect such as a cut, warp, or translation.

We turned classical busts into functional products. What once something that was only to be admired could now be felt and used. The new functions assigned to the heads were: a head of soap, a candle and a chalk. Depending on material, each head would deteriorate in a very specific way as a result of user interaction.