Everybody needs a small push.

Every January Kickstarter encourages creatives to launch a project with the simple constraint of it being an edition of 100. Being January we decided to create something to help people start new habits and accomplish their new year goals. 

Some studies state that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. Although this may not be an exact science, it certainly feels like a good way to start a positive change in your lifestyle. We would like to challenge you to make a self-improvement goal, no matter how big or small, and help you stick to it. This tear-off pad takes a simple no tech a project to inspire you.  Starting with day one, tear off one page a day, until you reach day 21. The red ripple pattern, like the growing rings on a tree, expands every day to mark your journey, and give you a visual idea of your progress.

Beyond a simple way to keep track and encourage your progress we wanted the user to be rewarded for compleating their process. In life it's all about small victories- the last page of the pad contains a special sticker prize. For us self-improvement is a very intimate process and it only seemed fitting that the end of your journey is an inside joke with yourself to remind the user of what they have accomplished. Each sticker comes with an explanation/pun hopefully giving the user a little chuckle.