A subtle way to let people know you’re in the club

A collaboration with the New York based Studiocult.co. We were fascinated with how they use current trends, inside jokes and design culture references in order to create relatable design. Studiocult's success lies in establishing a personal relationship with a very specific end user- whether it's pins, patches, lighting pieces, or soft goods, Yuliya Veligurskaya has a very clear vision and concept that results in a design that can be best described as COOL.

It was a great pleasure to have been able to work with her, and take advantage of her knowledge and expertise of the world of pin production, as well as the pin collecting culture.

Our Marker Pin Collection is meant to represent some of the legendary Copic Marker shades. This concept puts an emphasis on simplicity and iconic imagery- it fits well with the rest of Studiocults' pin family of products that are satisfying to an in-on-the-joke consumer.

We chose the color of each pin for different reasons. Neutral Gray as a classic designers choice color directed more towards the design community. Rose Pink, using the name along with the color to invoke a feeling/mood geared towards a much wider audience. And Malachite as a more obscure option with a color and name often overlooked and possibly something we could bring more attention to.