Some work we are allowed to share

Below is some work we did for a RIFD techonolgy company. They wanted to update card readers regularly used in office buildings. Although the project did not pan out we are happy to be able to share some of the work proposed

This first series are wireless contact readers designed for a contemporary enviornment. RFID technology is a static technology that just depends on a wireless interaction between chip and reader. Normally card readers are simple rectangle shapes that blend into the wall they are on. What the company wanted to do was create readers with unique shapes and textures that would be seen prominently for each use. Simple to implement these designs would just act as new housing for their current system as to not disturb their current production process. 

Another direction they were leaning towards was redesigning there entire line and introducing new readers. We incorporated LED lighting, not just as a way to notify you on your credentials, but also as a design element. The subtle glow the readers emit also creates a futuristic feel to this simple technology.